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A CubanSong in my Heart/Con una canción cubana en el corazón
Escrito por Ivan Acosta   
Martes 16 de Julio de 2013 10:16

A Cuban Song in My Heart is a book about freedom, mambo, rumba jazz and salsa. And yet, it is not a book specifically about music.

All short stories are written in English and in Spanish.

A Cuban Song in My Heart is a book about mambo and rumba and all the elements of salsa and latin jazz. And yet, it is not a book specifically about music. It is a book about (Cuban) life, (human) liberty and the (Cuban American) pursuit of happiness. But it is not a book about politics. It is a book about diversity and religious syncretism, about folklore and Cuban history told through hilarious narrative, inspiring lyrics and vintage record album jackets. It is a book about losing and gaining freedom, about preserving culture and family. A book about recent political events and the many lives that are changed in the process. A book about love: love for a nation that will not be destroyed; love for traditions that cannot be forfeited; love for a music so universal that it cannot be silenced. 

Con una canción cubana en mi corazón, es un libro sobre el mambo, la rumba y todos los elementos de la salsa y el jazz latino. Y sin embargo, no es un libro especificamente sobre música. Es un libro sobre la vida (cubana) y la búsqueda de la libertad (humana) y la felicidad (cubano americana). Pero tampoco es un libro sobre política. Es un libro sobre diversidad y sincretismo religioso, sobre el folklore y la historia de Cuba por medio de una narrativa graciosa, inspiradas letras y clásicas cubiertas de discos. Es un libro sobre perder y ganar libertad, sobre preservar cultura y familia. Un libro donde figuran recientes eventos políticos y muchas de las vidas que cambiaron en el proceso. Un libro sobre amor: amor por una nación que no será destruida, amor por tradiciones que no se pueden perder, amor por una música tan universal que no puede ser silenciada.

Prof. Ileana Fuentes. Creative Director of The Miami Cuban Museum, Writer, Historian and Literary Editor. 

These three well known award winning writers wrote this about the book.

A Cuban Song in My Heart/Con una cancion cubana en el corazón is the kind of book that will not only hold a strong appeal to Hispanic American readers, but in its conjuting of a great and glorious age of Cuban music, it also speaks to those many "mainstream American" readers who share a vital connection with that time - the 1940s and 1950s - and the many musicians who were a part of it. Rich with feeling anecdote and history, it is a heartfelt, quite knowing book, that will both inform and delight its readers. I hope it gets published. i recommend it highly. 

Oscar Hijuelos. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in Literature. Author of the best-selling novel, The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love, among others.  

With this book, Ivan Acosta grabs the reader by the hand and takes him in a musical and historical journey. The way he sees it, one can't talk about one without the other. Lucklily fot the reader, Acosta's musical taste is vast and exquisite. An exile whose soul straddles between two islands - Cuba and Manhattan- Acosta has given us the gift of this memories and of the soundtrack of his life. 

Mirta Ojito. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in Journalism. Author of award winning best seller: Finding Mañana. Associate Professor at Columbia University. New York Times feature writer. 

If you love life and all the beautiful things that happen when people get together on a weekend afternoon to enjoy a meal, music and fond memories, you will treasure, A Cuban Song in my Heart. What you will have in common with Ivan Acosta (El Super)  when you finish the book is a restored appreciation of life. You will again hear the sounds of children laughing; watch clouds turn into animals; and experience the joy that’s all around if you know where to look and listen. 

Marc Myers writes about music for the Wall Street Journal and posts daily at  JazzWax.com  winner of the Jazz Journalists Association's "best blog" award. He is author of Why Jazz Happened- (University of California Press). 


We need your funding support in order to finalize the book, which include all the photo transfers, redesigning of the layouts, rewriting and proof reading some of the stories, finishing and printing - an exclusive limited edition. And digitally upload it on line. Once the project has been successfully funded, it won't encounter too many challenges. We've been working on this project since 2008, when the global economic crisis appeared, and we had to put the book project on hold. Since then, we've been designing, photographing, rewriting and copying all the book's elements. We have been contacting distributors, cultural organizations and academic instutions, with whom, I've been working throughout the years, in presentations of some of my theather books and films. Based on the networking circles we have developed, we are confident, A Cuban Song in my Heart / Con una canción cubana en el corazón will be a very well received and successful Cuban; literature, art, music and recent history unique book. Based on our research, once the project is successfully funded, the book will be ready to be launched within the next following 4 months. Thank you. Muchas gracias.

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